The Institute for Research and Application of non-local Perception is an independent, private research institute and a project of PSI unit.


PSI unit works as a service company in the field of Remote Viewing. In addition, PSI unit is dedicated to research and public relations in the field of Remote Viewing. We consider the understanding of the functionality of PSI processes as an essential factor for an application base of this methodology. We are happy to cooperate with anyone who is concerned about enlightenment and education in these fields.

Operational Remote Viewing Seminar -
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Operational Remote Viewing Seminar


As part of our training program, we are starting our first international “Operational Remote Viewing” seminar in the summer. The goal of this seminar is to simulate operational work in a closed group and to train clean and usable work for analysis.

A total of 10 people from 3 countries take part in this first seminar. In terms of technology, we limit ourselves to protocol-based viewing in CRV and TRV.

The team is trained to set up a work structure that is suitable for dealing with real operational issues that require several sessions. The different training of the viewer in detail can be used to advantage. The goal is for every participant of the seminar to be able to prove that they can work cleanly and reliably in an operational process. The 4-person reviewer team issues a certificate to each participant.