The Institute for Research and Application of non-local Perception is an independent, private research institute and a project of PSI unit.


PSI unit works as a service company in the field of Remote Viewing. In addition, PSI unit is dedicated to research and public relations in the field of Remote Viewing. We consider the understanding of the functionality of PSI processes as an essential factor for an application base of this methodology. We are happy to cooperate with anyone who is concerned about enlightenment and education in these fields.

Research project # 21-03 -
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- in progress

About This Project

As part of this research project, we investigate a thesis on the functioning of non-local perception using the example of remote viewing sessions. For a meaningful statistical evaluation, we need a corresponding number of sessions.


This project includes a multi-stage session structure. The viewer should preferably work solo (but those who prefer to work with a monitor are also allowed. We would then have to discuss how the monitoring can be carried out, double-blind, depending on the language and protocol version).

The viewer receives an initial TRN. This is processed up to stage IV. If elements are encountered in the session that allow a set-up session in the sense of the special task, a re-tasking takes place with an additional instruction for level 6. We will then communicate the exact process.

Viewers who are trained in CRV or TRV and can work up to stage 6 can take part.


The sessions are viewed up to stage 4/6. The sessions are documented with a scan and a digital transcript.

At the end of the project, all participants receive session feedback and an evaluation. It goes without saying that this information can only be released after the project has been completed.