The Institute for Research and Application of non-local Perception is an independent, private research institute and a project of PSI unit.


PSI unit works as a service company in the field of Remote Viewing. In addition, PSI unit is dedicated to research and public relations in the field of Remote Viewing. We consider the understanding of the functionality of PSI processes as an essential factor for an application base of this methodology. We are happy to cooperate with anyone who is concerned about enlightenment and education in these fields.

Series of publications issue # 1 -
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- can be pre-ordered

About This Project

As part of its research and network work, the Institute will publish a series of publications on remote viewing in the future. The publication appears consistently bilingual (English / German) and in this way provides important and interesting original language sources for the German-speaking area.

The first issue deals with the genesis of the RV protocols. The story of the beginnings of remote viewing at the SRI is also closely related.

Authors of the first edition (among others):

  • Russell Targ
  • Harold E. Puthoff, PhD
  • Thomas “Tom” McNear
  • Paul H. Smith, PhD
  • Debra Lynne Katz
  • Patrizio E. Tressoldi


Issue 1 of the series is expected to appear in November 2021. The book can be pre-ordered.
Pre-orderers receive a reduced price (subscription discount) of € 30 (instead of the regular € 38) and are delivered directly on the day of publication.